BYS [INT1007] – N4 Integrated Pack 1


Plenty of practice with Spreadsheets, Databases, Word and PowerPoint, this pack is aimed at N4 Admin and IT and incorporates the skills as per the N4 Unit Specification for the IT Solutions For Administrators Unit.  Pack 1 is based around an ice-cream business.


The task scenario is based around an ice cream business. Students are asked to do a variety of tasks including designing a new letterhead in Word, adding to a product list, designing a new ice-cream label and finishing a business letter.  There are spreadsheet tasks that require students to create different charts, format data, use basic arithmetical formulas (+, /, *,-) and the common functions of Autosum, Count, Average, Max and Min.  Spreadsheet tasks include completing invoices and sales information.  There are several database tasks around a customer database and also a staff database.  Students are asked to add to an existing database table, turn the table into a Form and create simple Queries and Reports.

Included in each pack are suggested solutions and help sheets.


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