BYS [FINV3004] – Statement of Financial Position (Level 1)


Understanding, interpreting and analysing Statements of Financial Position (Balance Sheets). See below for a full product description


This unit begins with interpreting “Statement of Financial Position” and answering simple questions about the information contained in them. There are statements that need to be completed using data (but with excel formula already in place), followed by analysis questions about the information contained therein. Building from this, there are tasks where statements need to be completed with the data provided as well as the use of excel formulae (or using manual calculations) and analysis of this information. There are several tasks where Statements need to be compared, analysed and interpreted and at the end of the unit, there are general theory questions followed by exam style questions.

** Please note that solutions, a paper based version of these tasks, a theory note and information on the new international accounting terminology are included in the purchase price **


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