Microsoft Access Resources

Build Your Skill Resources focus primarily on Microsoft Access tables, forms, queries and reports.  There are resources suitable for students with no prior knowledge of databases where they can practice creating and amending tables and filter specific information.

There are also more complex tasks for those working at an advanced level including aggregate functions and calculations in queries, forms and reports.

Unfortunately, our Access resources cannot be “paperless”. However, with each resource pack students will get step-by-step instructions for each task as well as a “Condensed Pack” that fits onto just 2 – 3 pages of A4.  Each resource has been designed so that there are plenty of hints and tips for the first 4 – 5 tasks and thereafter they get progressively more complex with less help, to get students thinking for themselves.

Microsoft Excel 2016 on-screen, paperless resources to help understand how to use percentages (%) in an Excel spreadsheet.

***Build Your Skill*** – Summary of Resources

These PDF files gives an idea of what the Build Your Skill Resources look like by using a series of screenshots to give examples and an overview of tasks. 
Queries Level 1, Database, Microsoft Access, N4 Admin & I.T, N5 Admin & I.T

BYS [DBV1002] – Queries (Level 1)

Basic query practice searching for specific text and sorting or descending on one field. See below for a full product description.
Queries Level 2, Microsoft Access, Databases, N5 Admin & I.T, Higher Admin & I.T

BYS [DBV1003] – Queries (Level 2)

Intermediate queries incorporating more complex criteria, eg searching between 2 values. See below for a full product description.
Queries Level 3, Database, Higher Admin & I.T, Queries, Aggregate Functions

BYS [DBV1005] – Queries (Level 3)

Plenty of practice using the aggregate function (sum/count/ave/max/min) then add/subtract/multiply & divide calculated fields. See below for a full product description.
Microsoft Access, Forms, Reports, N4 Admin & I.T, N5 Admin & I.T, Database

BYS [DBV1006] – Forms & Reports (Level 1)

Plenty of practice with basic Forms and Reports. See below for a full product description.
Microsoft Access Forms and Reports, N5 Admin & I.T

BYS [DBV1007] – Forms & Reports (Level 2)

More practice with Forms and Reports incorporating labels, sorting tables, queries and design view edits. See below for a full product description.
Forms and Reports (Level 3), Microsoft Access, H Admin & I.T,Database

BYS [DBV1008] – Forms & Reports (Level 3)

Aimed at Higher, lots of practice with forms and reports incorporating sub forms, design view edits, report grouping and summary, calculated fields in queries and reports.