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We have focussed initially on Finance topics as feedback from both teachers and students is that it is this particular business function that seems to cause the most confusion and lack of understanding.

We can offer plenty of practice in understanding and analysis of management accounts with tasks on Breakeven Analysis and Cash Budgets. The understanding and analysis of financial accounts features in almost every business-related course and qualifications and we have designed several units to help students navigate their way through this area of study.  We have resources on Income Statements and Statement of Financial Position (also known as Profit & Loss Accounts and Balance Sheets) and Financial Ratios.

All our resources are paperless and can be completed online by way of Excel Spreadsheets.  Paper based tasks and suggested solutions are also included in every pack.  As with all our resources, tasks get progressively more difficult with less instructions and the business topics also have “exam style” questions at the end.

Please note that these resources support business management and business studies courses rather than the specific study of Accounting and Finance.

Microsoft Excel 2016 on-screen, paperless resources to help understand how to use percentages (%) in an Excel spreadsheet.

***Build Your Skill*** – Summary of Resources

These PDF files gives an idea of what the Build Your Skill Resources look like by using a series of screenshots to give examples and an overview of tasks.  There are another 3 additional resources available 1.Sorting and Outlining [SSV1011] 2.Forms and Reports (Level 2) [DBV1007] 3.Forms and Reports (Level 3) [DBV1008]
Breakeven Analysis, Breakeven Charts, N5 Business Management, N5 Accounting, FInance

BYS [FINV1001] – Breakeven Analysis (Level 1)

The basics of breakeven analysis through completing tables and interpreting and drawing breakeven graphs. See below for a full product description.
Profitability Ratios, Efficiency Ratios, Liquidity Ratios, N5 Accounting, Higher Business Management, FInance

BYS [FINV1005] – Financial Ratios (Level 1)

Understanding, interpreting and analysing financial ratios. See below for a full product description.
Cash Budgets, Cash Flow Statement, N5 Accounting, N5 Business Management

BYS [FINV2002] – Cash Budgets (Level 1)

The basics of interpreting and analysing cash budgets. See below for a full product description.
Income Statement (Level 1), Profit and Loss Account, N5 Accounting, N5 Business Management

BYS [FINV2003] – Income Statements (Level 1)

Understanding, interpreting and analysing Income Statements (Trading, Profit & Loss Accounts). See below for a full product description.

BYS [FINV2004] – Statement of Financial Position (Level 1)

Understanding, interpreting and analysing Statements of Financial Position (Balance Sheets). See below for a full product description

Product Price List August 2018

A list of all our resources and prices as at August 2018