BYS [FINV1016] – Breakeven Analysis (Level 2)


A follow on from the Level 1 pack BYS [FINV1001] this more advanced pack is aimed at N5 Accounting and A Level Business Studies. Plenty of practice on completing break-even tables, analysing graphs, calculating contribution, BEP, margin of safety, profit/loss at a certain level of output and where there is a required profit. See below for a full product description.



This unit begins with 5 tasks that lets students practice calculating contribution, the break-even point, margin of safety in units and sales value, profit/loss at a certain level of output and when there is a required / target profit.

This is followed by a series of tasks where a table needs to be completed to calculate the profit/loss and break-even point based on unit variable cost, unit selling price and fixed costs. Additional calculations are then required to calculate margin of safety etc

There are then tasks where BE graphs need to be analysed to extract data and again working out the selling price and variable cost per unit, profit and loss at a certain level etc.

There are a couple of tasks using an income statement and the final task just has data to work from.

** Please note that solutions and a paper based version of these tasks as well as theory notes are included in the purchase price **


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