BYS [FINV1017] – Financial Analysis


This pack supports A Level Business Studies and focuses on financial analysis with tasks on calculating profit from an income Statements, Profit Change %, Profitability, Efficiency, Liquidity and Gearing Ratios. It is a paperless resource and uses Excel for the tasks. See below for a full product description.



There are 6 sections in this resource pack. The first looks at Income Statements and calculating Gross, Operating, Profit before / after tax and Retained Profit. There are then a number of tasks where students are asked to work out the Profit Change % based on the current and previous years’ profits. The the third section focuses on Profitability Ratios with plenty of practice working out the Gross Profit Margin %, Operating Profit Margin %, Profit for the Year Margin % and Return on Equity Employed %. There are then tasks looking at Efficiency Ratios where average inventory needs to be calculated as well as Rate of Inventory Turnover, Payable Days Ratio and Receivables Days Ratio. In section 5 there tasks calculating Gearing Ratios with the final section focusing on Liquidity Ratios – current ratio and acid test ratio.

** Please note that solutions and a paper based version of these tasks are included in the purchase price **


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