BYS [FINV1009] – Ledgers 1


Plenty of practice for N5 Accounting using financial documents to complete ledger accounts. All types of transactions including bad debts and bank payments including and excluding VAT. See below for a full production description.


This pack uses fictitious financial documents (invoices, credit notes, cheque and counterfoils, letters informing of bankruptcy etc) to complete ledger accounts. The first 10 tasks are based on the business “McScottish Pies” and each task concentrates on a particular type of ledger entry. For example, Task 1 focuses on ledger entries for Sales, Task 2 Sales Returns, Task 3 both Sales and Sales Returns, Task 4 looks at purchases, Task 5 Purchase Returns and Task 6, both. Tasks 7, 8 and 9 focuses on bank payments and receipts (inclusive and exclusive of VAT). Task 10 introduces bankruptcy letters. The final 5 tasks include all the different types of transactions as practised in the first 10 tasks. There are help notes throughout reminding pupils what to Debit and what to Credit. Solutions are included in the pack.

** A paper pack is also included if printed tasks are preferred **


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