Upskilling Excel Files


This FREE pack will help you if you want to improve your Excel skills. It will also help you if you are studying N4/N5 Administration and IT, or if you are doing the “crash” Higher. There are also 9 videos – 1 for each section that you will find on our YouTube Channel


This pack lets students familiarise themselves with the basics of Excel and to get Higher ready. It is based on the N5 course specification for Excel and the practice tasks covers everything that students should be able to do before embarking on the Higher. There are 9 sections;

1. Exploring Excel
2. Formatting & Editing
3. Basic Formulas
4. Working with Rows & Columns
5. IF Statements
6. Relative & Absolute Cell Referencing & Named Cells
7. Filling & Sorting
8. Basic Graphs
9. Printing and Page Set Up Options

Hopefully, this will help your “crash” Higher students to catch up / re-familiarise themselves with the wonders of Microsoft Excel!


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