***New Freebie – Upskilling Excel***


This FREE pack has been written with students who are doing “crash” Higher Admin & IT. I’ve looked at the N5 course specification for Excel and based the practice tasks on everything that students should be able to do before embarking on the Higher.

There are also 9 videos – 1 for each section that you will find in our YouTube Channel https://bit.ly/37R0WPT

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This pack lets students familiarise themselves with the basics of Excel and to get Higher ready. There are 9 sections;

1. Exploring Excel
2. Formatting & Editing
3. Basic Formulas
4. Working with Rows & Columns
5. IF Statements
6. Relative & Absolute Cell Referencing & Named Cells
7. Filling & Sorting
8. Basic Graphs
9. Printing and Page Set Up Options

Hopefully, this will help your “crash” Higher students to catch up / re-familiarise themselves with the wonders of Microsoft Excel!


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