BYS [DBV1008] – Forms & Reports (Level 3)


Aimed at Higher, lots of practice with forms and reports incorporating sub forms, design view edits, report grouping and summary, calculated fields in queries and reports.


This pack is a follow on from Level 2 Forms and Reports and aimed at Higher. There is plenty of practice creating Forms with Sub-Forms and using Design View to adjust and align fields. This pack has more practice on inserting text (labels) into Form and Report Headers / Footers and formatting i.e changing font colour & size, field shading etc. Within the Report Wizard there are a number of tasks where data has to be grouped and summary options used (sum, average etc) and grand total. Editing is required to re-name these text labels. As well as calculated fields in Queries, there is also practice in calculated fields in Reports. The last 5 tasks take the form of a business scenario with an email of instructions where students need to work out what to do to produce the required Report. **Step-by-step instructions are included in this Pack as well as suggested solutions**


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