S3 Business Masterclass – Introduction


This is a small 5 task introductory unit that I used with my new S3 Masterclass in the June.  They only came for a 10 week block so I wanted to give them a flavour of the N4/5 course (without actually teaching it of course!)

  • Task 1 – “What is Business” –  Economic Factors and Recession explained in the simplest way I could
  • Task 2 – “My Island” –  Pupils to imagine they are turning an uninhabited tropical island into a thriving community.  There’s even an attempt to assess their work with a grading criteria! (not sure if I ever did)
  • Task 3 – “Introduction into Branding” – a bit of theory and a quiz where pupils try to identify logo’s and slogans of well known businesses
  • Task 4 – “Branding Task” – Details of 8 fictitious young Entrepreneurs with a wee case study for each and pupils asked to come up with a business name  / logo & colour schemes etc for one of them.  Followed by a second task looking at designing letterheads, leaflets and business cards
  • Task 5 – “Team Building” – Taken from the Internet, this is the Survival exercise based on a plane crash in Canada.  You’ll probably recognise it




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