BYS [DBV1007] – Forms & Reports (Level 2)


More practice with Forms and Reports incorporating labels, sorting tables, queries and design view edits. See below for a full product description.


This unit is a follow on from Level 1 Forms and Reports and aimed at N5. There is more practice creating Forms using the Form Wizard, inserting logos into Form Headers and Labels with additional text. Also deleting and inserting records into a Form and printing one specific copy of a Record. Reports need to be created using Report Wizard with practice sorting fields alphabetically, inserting logos and text (labels) into Report Headers and Footers. There are also tasks that require address labels to be prepared with additional text to be added to labels. There is practice sorting tables on 2 and 3 fields as well as more practice that require a Query first, then a Report that summarises the information. Some of the tasks require changes to be made in Design View such as moving fields around, changing font styles, making sure fields fit within a Report and changing the tab order. There is a brief introduction to Sub Forms in a couple of tasks. **Step-by-step instructions and practice creating Relational Databases are also included in this Pack as well as suggested solutions**


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