***BYS [BGE 1001] – Working with Business Applications 1*** NEW


This pack is based around the SQA Technologies – Broad General Education mapping to National 3 and National 4 Administration and IT document and linking to TCH 3-08a. It focusses on Spreadsheets, Databases, Word and PowerPoint.

There is plenty of practice on each with progression from basic to more challenging tasks.

There is a video that outlines everything in this resource pack. https://www.facebook.com/BuildYourSkillScotland/videos/1163283751530227


This pack has plenty of practice using Spreadsheets, Databases, Word and PowerPoint. Suggested solutions are included.

PP Design – 5 tasks where the PP has been created but design, animation and slide transition needs to be added.

PP Fact Sheets – 6 tasks where fact sheets have been created on Word. Students can copy and paste directly into a PowerPoint and use images and design to enhance it.

PP From Text – 4 tasks where students need to extract information from a Word document to create a PP.

PP Challenge – 3 “project” type tasks.

Getting Started – a workbook with 10 worksheets with practice on formatting, autosum, average, max, min and count functions, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, basic graphs and basic sorting.

Tasks – a workbook with 16 progressive tasks building on the skills from the previous workbook.

Challenge – 3 advanced tasks to consolidate everything covered.

Keyboard Practice – starts at a basic level e.g typing in a couple of words moving to bigger paragraphs. There are 10 tasks in total.

Editing – 14 different formatting tasks so plenty of practice with editing text with helpful hints within the task sheets.

Posters – 4 different poster tasks with a helpful hints sheet.

Tables – 11 tasks working with tables – creating from scratch, design and editing. Helpful hints within the task sheets.

Business Letters – 4 business letters where text has to be added to complete each letter by following instructions in comment boxes.

8 different flat databases with tables that need to be updated by inserting new records.

There is a help sheet that shows students how to create a database and format fields etc, but the tasks only asks for data entry.


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